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Retail distribution refers to the process of getting products from manufacturers or wholesalers to the end consumers through various channels and intermediaries. It involves the movement of goods, inventory management, and delivering products to the desired locations. Retail distribution plays a crucial role in the supply chain and is responsible for ensuring that products are available to customers when and where they need them.


E-commerce enabling refers to the process of setting up the necessary infrastructure and capabilities to conduct electronic commerce or online business operations. It involves implementing the tools, technologies, and systems required to enable online transactions, customer interactions, and digital marketing.


Project sales typically refer to sales activities and strategies focused on specific projects or large-scale contracts rather than individual product sales. It involves selling products, services, or solutions to meet the specific requirements of a particular project.



Warehouse and fulfillment refer to the processes and activities involved in storing, managing, and delivering products to customers. They are integral parts of the supply chain and play a crucial role in ensuring efficient order fulfillment.