Vector VNWAC09 Air Curtain

  • 900 x 190 x 220mm
  • Air Curtain Fan
  • 220V/60Hz/160W
  • Air Volume: HI-1150/h/LO-900m3
  • Air Velocity: HI-11-LO-9m/S/h
  • With Remote Control


Making life more comfortable inside

Air Curtain produces a high speed air current, dividing the inside and outside of the room into two independent temperature zones with the result that levels of interior air conditioning are maintained and the air is purified whilst energy is saved. Summer heat, winter cold, dust, insects, smoke, unpleasant odors and exhaust fumes are kept out.

  • Prevents a loss of cool or warm air whilst economizing on electricity.
  • Efficient dust and insect-proofing.
  • Protects against the effects of smoke and noxious fumes.
  • Improves air circulation
  • With Remote Control


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